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A twenty-something girl raised in South Dakota who moved to the twin cities...

The Transit Librarian
More Transit, Less Library Since 2002

Daily happenings in the life of a 30-something Minnesota girl who keeps bus...

Comic Artist Steve | Personal Updates
Twin Cities graphic design/illustration/comic artist's personal blog (...

The rollercoaster life of a midwest 20-something.

Auntie B's Wax
Everyday ramblings of an accidental entreprenuer.

On the personal side...
John Bolduan's personal view of life, I just can't help talking a...

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The Jen Experiment
Poems and random writings by a new writer. The author is on a journey of em...

An Amber-Colored Life
It's funny. Sometimes.

On My Mind
Sharing a lot of information, some knowledge, and a little bit of wisdom

The Kitty Kat Lounge
Just a random blog about a random woman.

Black As My Soul
My Via Negativa. My Left-Hand Path. My Den of Iniquity.

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It's Not Easy Being Cheesy by Orange Is My Favorite Color on Feb 6, 2012 in personal'I wish I could dress up as Chester Cheetah!  I'm so jealous.

Eliza– 1st Birthday!!! by John Sharpe Photography on Feb 6, 2012 in Children, PersonalOne year ago today, my life changed forever when baby Eliza was born! My family grew from 2 to 3!  This past year has been a blur and I learned more about love than I ever thought possible. I cannot believe my baby girl is already a year old!!!

Reasonable by Orange Is My Favorite Color on Feb 5, 2012 in personalFor several days I've been thinking about the quality of being reasonable; having sound judgement; fair and sensible.  I like people who are reasonable very much.  Reasonable people are like air or sex-you don't think about it much until yo...

A new month begins…. by Glimpses of Soul Photography on Feb 1, 2012 in PersonalWe made it! Or at least, I made it. (Are you there readers? It’s me, Mandy.) 31 days of photo tips. Given that I am notoriously bad at daily challenges of any sort, I’m pleased to have completed it, but mostly, I hope you found something...

Bucket List by Orange Is My Favorite Color on Feb 1, 2012 in personalI decided not to buy the coupon to drive a Caterpillar skid steerer.  What I really want to do is move a big hill with a full size bull dozer. If I spent money on a skid steerer, it's be like traveling to see Lake Mille Lacs when I really wanted...

Smug But Not Over Confident by Orange Is My Favorite Color on Jan 30, 2012 in personalI broke my long (can it really be four years?) loosing streak in Scrabble to a certain un-named opponent. I beat her.  (sing-song) I won a game.  I won a game.  By six points.  I was lucky with the letters.  I had to be lucky...

Should I Spend $98 To Play In The Dirt? by Orange Is My Favorite Color on Jan 30, 2012 in personalGroupon (an Internet based coupon system) has a coupon for half price on a one hour construction vehicle driving adventure and obstacle course.  I have to admit, I want to do it.  My ultimate goal is to move a big hill with a bulldozer and...

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